1.       Customers research

          1.1 Identifying customers

-          End-users

-          Traders

-          Governmental offices

           1.2 Factors affecting buying decision

-          Income

-          Spending pattern

-          Awareness

           1.3 Analysing buying habits

-          Need arises

-          Options

-          Buying decision

-          Attitude after using

2.       Commodity research

  •             Quality
  •             Competitive edge
  •             Usage

3.       Market volume & characters

           3.1 Need analysis

What are the current needs of our target market(s)?

How well are our current product offerings meeting these needs?

How well are our competitors’ offerings meetings these needs?

How are the needs of our target market(s) expected to change in the near future? What about changes in the distant future? 

           3.2 Market demand & volume

           3.3 Characters of market






1.       Market research

-          Customers

-          Commodity

-          Need, demand & market volume


2.       Agree precise specification for the project

-          Describe purpose, aims and deliverables

+ Purpose: Develop sustainable safe vegetables chain in Viet Tri city

+ Aims: Increase income of organized family farmers in SV chain; protect consumers’ health and contribute to sustainable development, advocacy

+ Deliverables: application of SV process by farmers, linkage between farmers and market,consumers’ awareness of SVs, specialized areas of SV production,...

-          State parameters (timescales, budgets, range, scope, territory, authority)

+ Timescale: 2008-2010

+ Budget: 37,000 EUR?

+ Range: flexibility (Hanoi, Phu Tho, …)

+ Territory: Tan Duc commune, Viet Tri city??? (criteria); 03 options: Bach Hac commune, Tan Duc commune, Song Lo commune (Viet Tri city)

+ Authority : VECO works as a facilitator (sign MoA with Economic Department, PPS, FES,...), sign contracts with specialist, private sectors,…

+ Scope statement :

-          State people involved and the way the team will work (frequency of meetings, decision making process)

+ Frequency of meetings

+ Decision making process:

-          Work breakdown structure

+ Market research and consumers’ awareness: VECO team (Anuj, Khai), VINASTAS, Boundary partners (Viet Tri Economic Department, PPS, FES,…)

+ Project planning:

+ Production:

+ Human resources:

+ Finance:

+ Marketing:

-          Establish 'break-points' at which to review and check progress, and how progress and results will be measured


3.       Plan the project

-          Time: 2009-2010

-          Team: Benoit, Nam, Minh, Khai (concrete responsibilities and authorities)

+ Select and gain commitments from the best team members: who will be responsible for what? (discussion with Nam, Minh, Khai)

+ Appointing the team early maximises their ownership and buy-in to the project, and maximises what they can contribute

-          Activities:??? (time frame)

-          Resources: reports all resources that we can use in this project

+ Money

+ Human resouces

+ Knowledge


-          Business plan:

+ Production plan

Baseline of chosen production area (Tan Duc?)

  • Preparation stage (detailed information)
    • Seed
    • Tools
    • Land
    • Farmers
    • Safe vegetables production technology
    • Production stage
      • Vegetable varieties
      • Supplier
      • Vegetables planting process…
      • Organizing production
      • Packaging and restoring stage
        • Packaging: nilon, carton box? (details for each kind of vegetable)
        • Restoration:
        • Quality control (safe production process)

+ Marketing plan

  • Product (product varieties, specification, Unique Selling Proposition)
  • Price (Pricing scheme)
  • Place (distribution: canteens, supermarkets, wet markets, SV stores???)
  • Promotion (Vinastas, brochures, leaflets, TV programmes,…)

+ Human resource plan

  • Farmers group (structure?), or;
  • Cooperatives, or:
  • A company (Ltd, JSC)

+ Financial plan

For example: seed, fertilizers, packaging, …

-          Project intervention plan

+ Production intervention plan

+ Marketing intervention plan

+ Human resource intervention plan

+ Financial intervention plan


4.       Communicate the project plan to your project team.

-          Meeting to disseminate project plan (Liesbeth works as chairperson)

-          State project team specification

-          Project plan


5.       Agree and delegate project actions.

-          Come to an agreement on the final project document (all in paper)

-          Delegate project actions


6.       Manage, motivate, inform, encourage, enable the project team.

-          Benoit works as project manager?

-          Train project team with production plan, marketing, working skills


7.       Check, measure, review project progress; adjust project plans, and inform the project team and others.


8.       Complete project; review and report on project performance; give praise and thanks to the project team.


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